What a fantastic day.

What can I say, I’m currently sat on the train coming back from Leeds, my feet are killing me, I’m starving, but I am grinning from ear to ear. The alopecia UK northern roadshow was emence, I feel so privileged that I was invited by Amy Johnson, the representative for alopecia UK for Leeds. This event was designed to help, guide, advice and support people with all types of alopecia. There was 100 attendees at the event that I believe were truly blown over by the roadshow. I wish I would of had chance to listen to the other presentations but I was so busy chatting away and drawing those eyebrows.

The feedback from my presentation was fantastic and everyone felt that had learnt something. I wanted people to go away understanding PMU and to beable to know what questions to ask. I belive they now know what to look for when there ready to take the plunge into the permanent makeup world.

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