Why you shouldn’t be scared of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels Doncaster

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Why you shouldn’t be scared of chemical peels.

Hello my lovely’s and welcome to my latest blog. Well this one is going to be interesting. Chemical peels doncaster


Chemical peels are so underrated and have had so much bad press, people are basing this on what they have seen on TV or on You tube. Since when do we believe everything we see on You tube?????

I’m here to give you the facts and explain those myths out their, chemical peels are not what they used to be and what was done back in the 60’s and 70’s I assure you is done very differently now.

This blog is here to give you essential knowledge and information about chemical peels and to separate the myths from the facts.

Chemical peels should not be feared and are here to help and improve many skin complaints so please have a good read and I will look forward to receiving any more specific questions for your individual needs.

Do you ever wish you could start all over and take better care of your skin? A chemical peel could do just that.

Chemical peels can dramatically reduce lines, wrinkles, acne scars, dark spots, and roughness caused by years of sun.

The immediate benefits of a peel.

  • A Chemical peel can unclog blocked pores and remove trapped makeup and dirt that most at home exfoliating products or masks don’t reach.
  • A Chemical Peel stimulates the growth of skin cells by improving collagen production.
  • Chemical peels will improve dull and uneven skin tone.
  • A facial peel removes all of the dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin which will allow for a flawless makeup application and better penetration with your skincare.

Benefits of regular prescribed Chemical peels.

  • Chemical peels will soften scarring, improve acne and inflammation and close open pores.
  • Chemical peels can control hormonal acne which will prevent outbreaks and scarring.
  • Chemical peels reduce the signs of sun damage skin, pigmentation and age spots
  • Chemical peels can soften fine lines and wrinkles and reverse the ageing process.

Chemical peels myths and facts


  • Chemical peels are extremely painful and burn……….. MYTH

You will feel a warm sensation and tingling during the procedure, it shouldn’t feel like its on fire and burning.

  • You will be able to peel off the top layer of skin within the week……….,MYTH

Your skin will renew its self and shed those outer layers in 3-7day. It will be flaky and a little dry but will not peel off like a second skin.

  • You can’t wear makeup for days afterwards………………MYTH

The longer you leave your skin without makeup the better however I understand a lot of clients find this impossible. The great news is you can apply after an hour preferable using a mineral makeup.

  • A chemical peel is a one time solution………..MYTH

Unfortunately, not, skin health care is like going to the gym. You can’t go the once and expect to see all you skin hang ups diminish. You have to put in the commitment and time to make those changes possible.

  • Chemical peels only work for bad skin like acne and scaring………….MYTH

There are specific programmes and skincare to suit all skin concern. This could be acne scaring or even early signs of ageing and dehydration. Chemical peel programmes are individually tailored to suit you. Therefor all skins concerns can be treatment with a specific chemical peel programme and skincare regime.

  • Chemical peels are bad for you…………..MYTH

The word ‘chemical’ does sound scary I know, but the treatment shouldn’t be feared. Chemical peels are completely safe when carried out by a knowledgeably and qualified practitioner. Many peels contain acids that are derived from fruits, nuts and other natural products. For example:

mandelic-acid is derived from bitter almonds,

Salycylic acid is derived from the bark of willow trees

Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane.


  • The earliest use of caustic preparations for peeling dates back to 1550bc where acids were used in Egyptian medicines.
  • Even the mildest peels stimulate the skin to improve skin renewal and collagen production.
  • A medium depth peel has the same acid levels as lemon and lime juice.
  • A mild peel has the same acid levels as strawberries.
  • You will get superficial flaking 3-7days after a procedure.
  • The chemical peel is only left on the skin for 6-10minutes depending on the skin type.
  • A one-off chemical peel will cost around £60
  • A course of 3-6 treatments is what is recommended for you to achieve your desired results.
  • Specialist homecare prescribed by your technician will improve the chemical peel results.
  • Deep peels like Phenol and TCA peels can kill melanocytes and cause a lot of trauma. These are not commonly used anymore due to the side effects.
  • Treatments can be sensitive and a sensation of heat is experienced throughout the procedure.

Thankyou for reading my blog, I hope it has educated you into the world of chemical peels, like I said chemical peels should not be feared. They are extremely popular, I offer chemical peels in Doncaster in my clinic and everyone can benefit from life changing visible results.

If you would like to book a skin consultation with me please follow the link below, I would love to put together a personally prescribed programme for you to reach your skin goals.

I’m here to rebuild your confidence, restore what nature has taken away and to make you look and feel amazing.