About Essjay

“Training in PMU and Tattoo removal has never been in so much demand”

Essjay permanent makeup-doncaster. Essjay is an award winning permanent make-up specialist and scalp micropigmentation technician in Doncaster. For over a decade her skills and attention to detail has earnt her recognisable status in this specialist skill.

So who am I?

I’m known for Permanent makeup-Doncaster

I am a very hard working mother of two with a real passion for my industry, some people would say I’m unstoppable, I think that’s a complement…….. I think what they mean by this is that I work very hard, train very hard and play very hard. If I have and idea or a goal I wont stop working and fighting till I get there. This pure passion or determined personality trait really relates in the way I run my business.

I want to be the best, I want my clients to receive the best and will continue to develop in myself and my business to stay at the top of my game.

Treating my clients is a real happy place for me and like most of you I live a very busy life of juggling my house, work, family and trying to hold on to my hobbies and the little bit of social life that makes me me.

I want to offer you treatments that will make you feel empowered and unstoppable and ready to face the world head on. The treatments I offer in my clinic are designed to do this and fit in to your busy lifestyle and in essence free up your well earned valuable time. Lets face it who wants to spend every morning drawing on those eyebrows or camouflaging those skin blemishes.

I am increasing becoming a sort after technician for my Scalp Micropigmentation work and am working along side the private clinic of Harley street and is Cosmopro‘s leading educated in this forever growing Industry.

I work very close to the beautiful village of Bawtry. During the summer I see a massive increase in men and women coming to the clinic in preparation for the big St Leger race meeting. With the Robin Hood airport doncaster-sheffield airport on the doorstep I am proud to welcome clients from all over the UK and overseas.

Advanced skin Aesthetics and treatments are become very popular in Doncaster. Essjay’s Clinic is at the forefront of what is available. Plasma Fibroblast https://essjayconsultants.co.uk/clients/plasma-fibroblast-doncaster/ is a new innovate treatment for skin tightening. The results are closley compared to surgery. whether its upper eyelid, jowls, loose skin on the neck Essjay’s clinic in the heart of Doncaster can help. Her team also offers a range of skin needling treatments including our signature Me So Glow Facial, Where Science meets luxury. https://essjayconsultants.co.uk/clients/meso-therapy-doncaster/ All of which are personally prescribed with you in mind to help those concerns. Whether it be congestion, pigmentation, acne scarring, skin dullness or overall anti ageing. Essjay’s team will cherry pick the treatment plan and procedure for you.

“Me and my team are here to serve you and strive to make you look and feel your best everyday”

We offer a range of services

Whatever your requirements & needs, Essjay tailors a personal service for you so you feel comfortable at every step of the way.

Permanent Cosmetics

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PMU & Tattoo Removal

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Scalp Micro Pigmentation

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