Mesotherapy-Doncaster (also known as collagen induction therapy) involves the injection of a specially prepared mixture placed just millimetres under the skin.

Mesotherapy-Doncaster. This minimally invasive treatment is virtually painless and incredibly effective. The micro-injuries stimulate the body’s wound healing, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production.

Another newer procedure is to boost levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Mesotherapy is to be performed every couple of weeks for a course of 4-6 treatments. When the desired effects are achieved, you will require to have a maintenance procedures every 1-3 months.

What Mesotherapy can treat:

  • Pigmentation
  • Stretchmarks
  • Hair Stimulation
  • Scarring
  • Acne scaring
  • Signs of ageing
  • Dull lifeless skin

Everything you need to know about Mesotherapy and Microneedling

So here goes, what is micro needling or mesotherapy?

With micro needling I work over the skin with a collection of fine one point needles to create superficial trauma. Mesotherapy is exactly the same but I use products within the procedure to enhance its results.S

So I hear all the questions now, what is this meant to do for your skin and how does it work?

In basic term when trauma is created to the skin your body will go into its own fixing mechanism. It sends a rush of collagen, elastin and blood to the area to help fix and repair the skin. We work very superficially and create minimal trauma but this will still have the same effect and send a rush of collagen to the area. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is awesome and exactly what we need.

When will I start to notice a difference?

Results will be seen after one session. If you are wanting maximum results you need a course of six treatments spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart

What areas can be treated with micro needling or mesotherapy?

The most common area for this procedure is the face and neck. However this is extremely popular to work on most forms of scarring.

Will people notice if I have a course of 6 for the face?

Without a doubt, all of our clients have had amazing responses from their friends and family. These compliments normally start coming in after the third session. Check out our testimonials. I

I have quite an ugly scar that I hate, can you help with this?

This is the treatment to soften scaring and is approved by most surgeons. I would recommend a consultation for us to make sure the scar can be treated.

How does this treatment work for damaged skin from acne and oily skin when I was younger?

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. This is the kind of skin me and my team love to get our hands on, more treatments may be needed but this will reduce and soften old acne scarring.

Is there anything that you can do to help with pigmentation as well?

I have something that can be use during the procedure which will reduce pigmentation. This is a lactic acid solution which can only be used by a professional but you will see fantastic results with age spots and sun damaged skin.

How will my skin look at the procedure and will I be ok to go in public the day after?

After the procedure your skin will be sensitive this will continue to go Pinker as the day wears on. It will feel sensitive to the touch and correct aftercare will be given. Normally after 24 hours the redness has gone but you may still be left with small pin pricks in certain areas.

Mesotherpy is using your own healing mechanism to heal and rejuvenate read this article below from the Us National library of medicine.

These results are after 3 sessions
These results are after 3 sessions.
Before and after a course of Mesotherapy

When Mesotherapy isn’t enough……

If you feel that the ageing process has truly kicked in and you feel you need a little more help than skin rejuvenation then you need consider Plasma Fibroblast. Follow this link to find out how Plasma Fibroblast can tighten loose skin anywhere on the face and body.