Permanent Makeup-Doncaster

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing to mimic the look of perfectly applied makeup. Permanent makeup can be used on the face and body and is widely used to mimic the look of makeup, create the illusion of hair follicles and restore colour in Areola’s and scar tissue.

Eyebrow Enhancements

Say bye bye to that pencil.

It is all about the eyebrows, without your eyebrows on fleek you are not ready to go. Whether you are wanting to re-frame the face and stay subtle and understated or you are wanting a fuller, more dramatic look like ‘Selena Gomez’ Essjay can customise the look for you.

Essjay has over 10 years’ experience in the Permanent cosmetics industry and has training and experience in all techniques including, digital micro-blading, ombre eyebrows, shading eyebrows or a combination eyebrow enhancement.

Eye Enhancements

Make your eyes pop. Create definition, intensity and fuller looking lashes.

Eye enhancements are for everyone, you can wake up every morning looking your best. Choose from a soft subtle enhancement or a bolder eyeliner, you can create and customise the look to suit you and your lifestyle.

Lip Enhancements

The perfect pout

The days of the 80’s enhancements are well and truly gone and there’s not a lip liner in sight.

If you crave the perfect pout then its time to look into permanent cosmetics for the lips. You can benefit from fuller looking and more defined lips in a tone to suit you. Whether you would like a gloss and go look or a more noticeable colour, the look is customised for you.

Are you not happy with your current permanent makeup?

Have you already had microblading or permanent makeup and feel unhappy with the results? Essjay has over 11 years experiance and is also know for her non laser removal system. She can help to reduce or remove unwanted pigment. removal is not what you need but you just need to redesign and recreate the perfect brow we can help and give you the enhancement you originally wanted.