Permanent makeup & Tattoo Removal

Have you been the victim of failed enhancements and now have the burden of carrying around a bad set of brows, poorly shaped lip liner or an unwanted tattoo?

Permanent makeup removal-doncaster

Essjay and her team offers a non-laser form of permanent makeup Removal and Tattoo Removal. We use a lactic based solution and work this into the skin with specially designed needles for removal, this then will safely lift out unwanted pigment. Multiple sessions are required to achieve results.

This procedure isn’t laser tattoo removal so it is not colour selective and all colours can be treated. results will vary due to many factors. Depth of pigment, type of Pigment, age of Pigment. Consultations are needed to create a treatment plan for you.

Does it hurt?

The treatment will feel very similar to having the PMU or Tattoo done originally.

Can all colours be treated?

Yes, unlike a laser removal system, we can treat all colours of the spectrum.

How many sessions would I need?

This is extremely difficult to answer, if you are wanting a fade only, less will be need to that of a full removal. On average 3-6 sessions for PMU and 4-8 Sessions for Tattoo. Your free consultation will be able to answer this specifically to you.

Can I get complete removal?

No one can guarantee a complete removal and there may still be slight visibility or traces left under the skin.

What will it be like after the procure?

It will be very delicate and can be red and slightly discoloured or even darker after the procedure. This will subside in 5-10 days

What is the aftercare?

You will be dry healing the area for 5-10 days within this time the area will lightly crust over, when the scabs disappear you will then be advised to use an aftercare cream to speed up the skin repair process. You would then wait 6-8 weeks for your next session.

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