Tűnde Méhn masterclasses

9:00 am
6:00 pm
The Sitting Room, St Catherines House, Woodfield Park, Tickhill Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 8PQ
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Tűnde Méhn Permanent makeup masterclass training.

Take your skills to the next level and don’t get left behind in the Permanent makeup industry. Train with us at our training academy in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

PEARLY LIPS – 9th September | MISTY EYESHADOW – 10th September

Permanent makeup training.

The UK is thrilled to welcome Tűnde Méhn to teach us her artistry skills in PMU. Tűnde was last here 2 years ago and it was a complete sell out. She is here for 2 days offering 2 permanent makeup master classes. These classes are for keen permanent make up technicians ready to take there skills the next level. These permanent makeup masterclasses are for qualified PMU technicians.

Each masterclass is split into three sections: Theoretical, Presentation work and  practice and realisation.


* Colour theory and dermatology.
* Mechanical action of the skin due to dermal puncture.
* Symmetry, pre drawing,  selection of suitable pigments and needles, ideal shape etc.
* Implementing the giving technique.


Tűnde will then perform a live demonstration, this is where you will be able to observe very closely at the technique and area you are choosing to develop.


After you have become aware of the theoretical and practical aspects of the technique, the next steps are to practice on latex. The advantage of this is you can practice several techniques according to the educational day.

For example:
* Ombre eyebrows has four kinds techniques.
* Lips, have four kinds of techniques.

Tűnde will follow your work step by step  and help develop you individually. The goal is that essential motion becomes stable and after returning to your clinic you will have the confidence to implement these new techniques to your clients with.

*Pearly lips.
* Misty eyeshadow.
* Cherry pick your day or days.

From 9th September at 9am, until 10th September 2019 at 6pm



Pay a small deposit and then 3 instalments. Book now through the link and secure your slot.

1 day  £795
2 days £1395

For more information, you can visit my Facebook Event page.

Permanent makeup masterclass lips
Pearly Lips
Permanent makeup masterclass Eyes
Misty Eyeshadow
Permanent makeup masterclass Eyes
Misty Eyeshadow
Permanent makeup masterclass lips
Pearly lips