Permanent Cosmetics

Eyebrow Enhancements

Say bye bye to that pencil.

It is all about the eyebrows, without your eyebrows on fleek you are not ready to go. Whether you are wanting to re-frame the face and stay subtle and understated or you are wanting a fuller, more dramatic look like ‘Selena Gomez’ Essjay can customise the look for you.

Essjay has over 10 years’ experience in the Permanent cosmetics industry and has training and experience in all techniques including, digital micro-blading, ombre eyebrows, shading eyebrows or a combination eyebrow enhancement.

Eye Enhancements

Make your eyes pop. Create definition, intensity and fuller looking lashes.

Eye enhancements are for everyone, you can wake up every morning looking your best. Choose from a soft subtle enhancement or a bolder eyeliner, you can create and customise the look to suit you and your lifestyle.

Lip Enhancements

The perfect pout

The days of the 80’s enhancements are well and truly gone and there’s not a lip liner in sight.

If you crave the perfect pout then its time to look into permanent cosmetics for the lips. You can benefit from fuller looking and more defined lips in a tone to suit you. Whether you would like a gloss and go look or a more noticeable colour, the look is customised for you.


Read what our clients have to say about Permanent Cosmetics.


Such a friendly service, I would recommend her
"Been going to Essjay for years now, best decision I ever made!"


Amazing brows!
"I've had my brows done over a year now and I absolutely love them. Not only have I got amazing brows, Essjay's become a lovely friend. I highly recommend her."


Such a friendly service, I would recommend her
"Wow my eyebrows look amazing! Essjay is highly qualified and amazing at her job. Her prices reflect the quality treatment & service you receive. This was the first time having my eyebrows done and I was a little nervous but straight away she reassured me and gave me all the information I needed. Now I don't need to spend time pencilling my eyebrows everyday and my confidence has gone up too! Such a friendly service I would recommend her to everyone, worth every penny! Thank you Essjay!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Most clients don’t complain of any pain during a procedure, you will feel slight sensitivity towards the end of the treatment, however the majority of the procedure is controlled with numbing cream so a slight vibration is all you should feel.

What is the difference between permanent makeup and semi permanent make-up?

NOTHING, in fact all technicians should be advertising their work as permanent make-up. Visually all enhancements will fade over time and will require maintenance but are still classed as permanent.

Is micro-blading less permanent and more natural than permanent make-up?

NO, whether your technician does micro blading or digital micro-blading the outcome should be the same. The truth is more damage can be caused to the skin with a manual blade (micro-blading)than permanent make-up

Can hair strokes be achieved?

Hair-strokes can be achieved with digital micro-blading and manual micro-blading, however hair-strokes is not suitable for every skin type only 30% of people can have hair-stroke brows. Please look at my gallery at my before and after pictures.

I don’t like the hair stroke look, what would work for me?

A powdered, Ombre, Shaded or combination brow may be for you. The most popular treatment I offer is a soft shaded brow, this works for all skin types and can look as sutble or noticeable as you wish. Please look at my gallery for examples.

How often do I have to have them maintained?

With all enhancements maintenance is required, everyone is different and skin type and lifestyle plays a huge part. On average my clients return every 12-18 months to re-strengthen the enhancement