Permanent make-up is more than a treatment, it's an art.

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Colour is of great importance to the outcome of the make-up. NPM is providing a selection of stable pigments with over 60 shades. Inside each bottle of colour, there is a small stainless steel ball, whose purpose is to mix the colour uniformly while shaking the bottle. This method ensures correct mixing ratio between the pigments powder to liquid. This helps to maintain the colour quality over time and to prevent the pigment from drying out.

All NPM shades come in 12 ml. bottles and they can be mixed together to produce Sub shades. Correction colours: According to Isaac Newton colour theory, he states that complementary colours are also neutralising colours. For example, when one colour is placed on top of the other they cancel each other effect. This is how we find ‘repair shades’, designed to ‘neutralise’ the shade in the brow. With the vast experience that NPM has acquired through the years, we’ve decided to produce pigments that neutralise the red and blue already existing in the pigment in order to prevent customers from doing unnecessary mixing of colours or adding any elements that may end in not getting the end result wanted by our customer.

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