Lip Pigments


Choosing the right permanent makeup pigment is integral to the outcome of the permanent makeup process. NPM mineral-based permanent makeup pigments mix uniformly to ensure the correct ratio between powder and liquids. NPM color is specially formulated to maintain color over time and resists pigment drying. NPM permanent makeup pigments are available in 61 shades in 12ml size bottles so you can mix and match any sub-shade you desire.

Antique Pink 15061Chewing-Gum Pink 15058Cinderella 15035Earth Pink 15030Kisses 15100Louise 15053Plum 15019Red Cherry 15018Reddish Brown 15031Rose 15027Salmon 15057Tropicana 15022Tuscany 15029Violet Red 15041Wine Red 15048
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Lip Pigment Colours

Antique Pink 15061, Chewing-Gum Pink 15058, Cinderella 15035, Earth Pink 15030, Kisses 15100, Louise 15053, Plum 15019, Red Cherry 15018, Reddish Brown 15031, Rose 15027, Salmon 15057, Tropicana 15022, Tuscany 15029, Violet Red 15041, Wine Red 15048


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