Vitamin C serum, Cosmed

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Vitamin C serum, Cosmed

Cosmed is a professional skincare that utilities sophisticated active ingredients selected from a dermatological point of view to directly support or care for the symptoms of various skin issues.

Cosmed leads the way in the discovery of effective combinations of ingredients for use in aesthetic dermatology.

The active ingredients are delivered into the skin via a patent carrier system which offers multiple benefits:

Vitamin C serum, Cosmed

This serum is used to stimulate and repair so its extremely powerful in improving skin complaints like acne, acne scaring, pigmentation and Sun damaged skin. Contains 30% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate which penetrates deeper that other forms of vitamin C to boost collagen, brighten and protect. It has a greater affinity for skin and pairs well with retinoids for enhanced effectiveness. This serum works very well with regan-a

To achieve your skin goals this product is recommended in conjunction with a programme of chemical peels, Essjay and her team can prescribe you a personal skin care and treatment programme to help you achieve you skin health goals.



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