A warm welcome

Hi I’m Essjay and I’m a proud mother of two, and been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. I’ve always been described as unstoppable or ‘machine’ is my latest nickname. I believe this is a good thing. This really does explain how I am as a person in life and business. Nearly 2 years ago I decided that treating clients wasn’t enough for me and I wanted to use my 20 years of beauty business experience to support and help beauty entrepreneurs reinvent themselves. This was perfect timing for me because as we hit the shit show of 2020 I was still able to use my knowledge and skills to earn a very good living without touching any clients. I do believe that disruption creates reinvention and that is what I teach and coach to my clients.

We are all very talented and knowledgeable individuals and it’s time to become a celebrity and advisor in our field and not rely on time for exchange services. So if you feel you are not where you want to be, you feel 2020 has left you feeling extremely vulnerable then connect with me and together we can be unstoppable and you can be the entrepreneur you know you are.