BBB Beauty Business Builder, Pilot Introduction

BBB Beauty business builder, pilot introduction

Hi i'm Essjay Hartshorn and welcome to my Podcast. I created these videos to help like minded men and women in the hair, beauty and aesthetics industry develop and expand.

BBB Beauty Business Builder: Mindset

BBB Beauty business builder: Mindset

We underestimate how powerful our mind is and how we can easily get caught up in mindless activities that will create those negative vibes throughout the day. Start the day as you mean to go on and create that vision and positivity and I assure you your it will be the most productive day you will ever have.

BBB – The One About Live Videos

BBB beauty builder podcast - the one about live videos

The one about live video   We all hate them we really do, however this is the best way to connect with you following. I aim to go live at least once week to give my clients information and value. These videos can be repurposed too.

BBB – The One About Mailing

BBB beauty business builder - the one about mailing

Mailing and a data base we all should have have it shouldn't we, but do we use it? its a list sat right there of clients that have put trust in you. We need to utilise it to the max. Its far easier to sell something extra to an existing client that to get a completely new client.

BBB – The One About Online Booking

BBB beauty business builder - the one about online booking

Do you take bookings online? do you realise how many clients you are loosing by not taking online bookings. Think about your own experience when your trying to book an appointment, i've done it many times where I cant get in touch with my hairdresser then before you know it another week has gone by.

BBB – Lets Get Personal

BBB-beauty business builder - lets get personal

Here is a little bit about me, where I'm from, what I do and where I'm going. I listen to a lot of podcasts and I love it when I find out a bit more about the podcaster behind the microphone, so I thought you guys would feel the same.

BBB – The One About Automation

BBB beauty business builder - The about automation

The one where I interviewed Rick O'Neill about automation. Automation is something we all need in our lives, this interview with Rick O'Neill will help you understand what automation is, why we need it and if you have why we now cant live without it.

BBB – The One About Outsourcing

BBB beauty business builder - The one about out sourcing

The one about out sourcing  with Lorena Oberg from Busy Diary's If we are not performing treatments, we are responding to messages, dealing with staff, working on our social media. Our days as a technician are long and there are some talented people out their that can take off the load.

BBB – Wasted Talent

BBB beauty business builder - Wasted talent

There is so much talent out there in what I believe is a truly artistic industry. What blows my mind are these artists that inspire to be bigger, greater and wealthier and crave this financial independence - but refuse point black to share the one thing that makes them so talented.

BBB – Lasting through Adversity with Hayley Jones

BBB beauty business builder - lasting through adversity with Hayley Jones

Hayley Jones from Lynton_lasers discusses how you can building a business that last through adversity can be achieved with just a few simple principles. Hayley Jones Sales & Marketing Director Lynton Lasers Ltd +44 (0)7929 666 585      #businessprinciples #lyntonlasers #values #adversity #bbb #beautybusinessbuilder #beautybusiness #beautybuilder #hairandbeautysalon #businessdevelopement #happiness #successmindset #successisnotfinal #timetogrow #timetodevelope #embracethepandemic #developeyourbrand.

BBB – The one about the ‘Rat race’

BBB beauty business builder - The one about the 'Rat race'

Do you feel you are back in the rat race. Is this what you really want for you beauty carrier? The tills are pinging, the money is coming in but do you have the time to spend it?  I invite you to look at your business model and see if this is where you want to be.

BBB – Creating A Passive Income

BBB beauty business builder - the one about creating a passive income

This recent pandemic has separated the industry, some have  decided to wait till it blows over and do nothing and others have decided to get shit done. I interviewed clinic owner and trainer Michaela Newbould and she tells us how she has created a passive income during the lockdown and completely remodelled her beauty business and is thriving .

BBB – The One About Your Dream Client

BBB beauty business builder - the one about your dream client

We all have our dream client, the ones we love to treat, the one we know will receive great benefit from our services. However do we have this dream client in our minds when we are marketing, planning our vision, implementing clinic changes?

BBB – Its Not About The Quick Wins

BBB beauty business builder - its not about the quick wins

Why is it in the industry we focus on the quick wins, the quick sales the one off purchases. Why do we not thick bigger, further down the line? This is how we grow and expand and develop the  trust.

BBB – The One About Personal Branding with Kitty Lai

BBB beauty business builder - The one about personal branding with Kitty Lai

The one where we talk about personal branding with Kitty Lai, and how this is essential to link to your business brand so you can appeal to your dream clients. Kitty Lai is a branding expert and visual communicator with over twenty years industry experience working and managing design teams for some iconic British retail brands.

BBB Beauty Business Builder – The One About Pivoting Your Business

BBB beauty business builder - the one about pivoting your business

We are hearing this so much lately about pivoting our business and this is what i am all about. This episodes explains what pivoting your business actually means and how we can do this in our hair, beauty and aesthetics business. In the beauty industry we are very vulnerable if we are not diverse.

BBB Beauty Business Builder-How Goggleable Are You ?

BBB beauty business builder-how Goggleable are you ?

Googleable? is it a word? if not I'm claiming it. So many people do not google them selfs or their business to find out what their potential clients are seeing.  Why not? you need to be doing this to see where you market needs work.

BBB – The One About Feeling Disconnected

BBB - the one about feeling disconnected

I am hearing so many people in the same position in the hair and beauty industry of feeling disconnected with there clients in clinic. We all love our industry and a big part is the close connection we have with our clients.

BBB – The Power of Going Live.

BBB - The power of going live.

We all dread going live and hope the craze is going to go away. But its not, it's here to stay and its time to embrace it, be consistent  and start to see your following increase. I want to help prepare you for the lives and for you to get the most out of them.

BBB – The Power of Going Live part 2

BBB - The power of going live part 2

This is part 2 of "the power of live video' We all should be creating some fantastic content for our clinic, whether its live video or uploading a video. but do we realluy use this footage to the max. I set myself and my video editor a challenge.

BBB – The One About Diversity With Jason Graystone

BBB - the one about diversity with Jason Graystone

The one and only Jason Graystone joined me to talk you about diversity and the things that will hold us back in out industry Since starting his first business at 22 years old, Investor and currency trader Jason Graystone has successfully built and run multi million pound businesses both in the service sector and online.   Jason believes that everyone deserves to live an inspired life.

BBB – The Machine is Out of Oil

BBB - The machine is out of oil

This was a hard on for me to record for a few reasons. I'm always looked at as this powerhouse business women that is so motivated, driven and always smashing out new ideas, content and so much value.

BBB- 4 Parts to your Beauty Business.

BBB- 4 parts to your beauty business.

Do you have 4 different parts to your business? what i mean by this is we have our main money earner to the business which is treating  your clients by performing a service on them. This is the time for money part of a business. what about the other 3 parts of the business?

BBB- 4 Parts to Your Beauty Business.

BBB- 4 parts to your beauty business.

Do you have 4 different parts to your business? what i mean by this is we have our main money earner to the business which is treating  your clients by performing a service on them. This is the time for money part of a business. what about the other 3 parts of the business?

BBB – Are you Lacking Confidence?

BBB - Are you lacking confidence?

amp;nbsp; Are you lacking confidence? So many of us sit in our safe zone and are afraid to put our selfs out there, especially when it comes to our business development. i would much rather regret doing something than regret not doing something.

BBB – Charging your Worth with Maddi Cook

BBB - Charging your worth with Maddi Cook

CHARGING YOUR WORTH   Maddi Cook teaches the hair and beauty industry how to stop winging and start thinking like business owners. She is an expert on pricing, charging your worth and money mindset and has helped thousands of people to finally charge their worth with confidence.

BBB Aim High like my 7 year old Daughter

BBB Aim high like my 7 year old daughter

Why is it when we get older we feel the fear of rejection more, we don't go for them big goals and big asks. We seem to have conversation and debates with our selfs and after procrastinating for weeks we decide to not to go for it.

BBB – 5 Top Tips for Pivoting Your Business with Sebastian Bates

BBB - 5 Top tips tips for pivoting your business with Sebastian Bates

During the global Pandemic in 2020, noticing a huge challenge that many entrepreneurs were facing running a physical business, which had to close down operations due to the restrictions, without a plan to pivot online and save their business.

BBB – How our Emotional Intelligence is Holding us Back

BBB - How our emotional intelligence is holding us back

Lindsey Capp is The Emotional Intelligence Coach, she is a master in her craft of shinning a light on people's ability to create more Love and Connection in their lives, by becoming greater than their thinking.

BBB – The Mind Boggling World of Facebook Ads

BBB - the mind boggling world of facebook ads

What do you get when you combine a military pilot with a passionate marketer? Jake Randolph! He's helped thousands of permanent cosmetic professionals around the world grow their businesses with social media over the past few years and has become one of the "hot topics" in the industry.

BBB Going self employed just as the pandemic hit

BBB Going self employed just as the pandemic hit.

Alexis opened her clinic at the beginning of lock down and totally smash it. How did she do it.   My name is Alexis Fraser, I am the founder of House of Skincare Ltd. I've been in the skin and laser industry for 9 years, working within various elite clinics and even becoming a part time lecturer at my local college.

BBB – Im very excited for the future of the industry

BBB - Im very excited for the future of the industry

I am so excited to see what 2021 has in store for us within the industry, I can see before my eyes beauty entrepreneurs reinventing them selfs and becoming advisors, consultants and building up diverse and fantastic business models.