Oron 60 – PMU Device


The most advanced device in the world with an outstanding technology when it comes to the field of Permanent Makeup and Micro-Pigmentation.



With its innovative design, beautiful silver colour and spectacular LED lighting at the bottom of the device, the ORON 60 will surely attract the eye of the connoisseurs.

The ORON 60 is equipped with a 3.5″ full-colour screen, a complete detailed menu available in 7 different languages: English / French / Spanish / Russian / Italian / German and Hebrew.

Designed to be user friendly, the beginner technician to the most experienced one will enjoy its full capacity of features.

The ORON 60 is simple to use, featuring pre-programmed speeds, needles and treatments. All the technician needs to do is choose the treatment and the ORON 60 will choose the needle and the appropriate speed. It’s as simple as ABC. Device maximum power and speed will reach over 6000 rpm. A variety of needles are available to suit all types of procedures, all needles are 100% sterilised and are for one-time usage.


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