Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP)

Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) is a non surgical treatment for men and women suffering with thinning, receding, alopecia and all other forms of hair loss.

The treatment consists of using natural pigments and specialised needles to implant pigment in the the skin to mimic the look of hair follicles. Essjay has over 10 years experience in the micro-pigmentation industry and this wealth of experience will enable her to consult and create a treatment plan specifically for your needs.

5 steps

  1. Free consultation
  2. First treatment, create hair line and first application 2-5 hours
  3. Second treatment, create more density to the scalp 2-5 hours
  4. Third session, Perfecter session 1-3 hours
  5. Aftercare

Scalp micro-pigmentation is suitable for:

  • All stages of hair loss
  • All types of hair loss
  • All ages
  • All skin and hair tones
  • All skin types


Read what our clients have to say about Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP).


Essjay was friendly, informative and spent time on a personal level
"Having receded in my 20's and shaved my hair off to hide the patches I thought there was no alternative. That is until I heard about Essjay and discovered micro-pigmentation, I had 3 treatments and feel like a new me ,Essjay was friendly , informative and spent time on a personal level to explain the procedure and aftercare , she was even able to follow my natural hairline for an authentic look , throughout the processs he showed true professionalism. I can't recommend her enough, thank you , I feel 10 years younger! "


Very approachable and professional
"Essjay was very approachable and professional from the first meeting and had an understanding of how she could help. Following previous medical treatment and natural thinning, I had patches of baldness on my scalp. Essjay carried out scalp micro pigmentation to blend in the patches to my remaining hair. The result is amazing and I have recaptured my confidence."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the current hair loss treatments can take 2-5 hours

Does it hurt?

The procedure can be slightly uncomfortable however after 10-15 mins most people get used to the sensation. A topical numbing cream can be used to reduce discomfort.

What will it look like immediately after the procedure?

You will see a visible hair line and a coverage of hair follicles. The area may be slightly red this will subside within 24hrs.

How long does it last?

SMP could last a lifetime if correctly looked after. We do advise a maintenance procedure every 3-6 years depending on the individual, this would be charged at an hourly rate.

How often do I need to shave?

Most clients would freshly shave every 2-4 days, if you was to leave it any longer you would give away your secret.

How do you know what hairline to do?

We would work together with you to create a hair line that will complement your age, culture an overall style. You can go for a softer jagged edge or a crisper hair line.

What guarantee do I have?

We offer a 12 month guarantee from your first treatment. If within this time there is any inconsistency please get in touch and this will be rectified FOC. If you are wanting to change hair line or depth of colour this will be charged at the hourly rate.

What would a procedure cost?

We use the Norwood scale to price for the treatment. Consultations are essential to determine the treatment plan and clarify the treatment cost.