Essjay has been a micropigmentation specialist for over a decade and her skills and attention to detail has earnt her recognisable status in this specialist skill.

She is continually developing her skill as a micropigmentation specialist which earnt her 3rd place permanent makeup technician in the Micropigmentation UK awards in 2017.

Over the last few years Essjay has expanded her knowledge and training in the field of advanced beauty. Whether you are looking to enhance your features, improve skin quality or reverse the signs of ageing Essjay and her team will have a treatment plan for you.

Essjay’s clinic offers a range of advance aesthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation, anti ageing and skin tightening as well as scalp micropigmentation for hair loss in men and women. We use the best technology for our plasma fibroblast and microneedling

New Me So Glow

The clinic is also the first clinic to offer the Me So Glow treatment, follow me on my facebook page to find out more.

This is a new treatment exclusive to Essjay’s, this is where luxury meets science.

What can we improve for you?
Fine lines
Dull and tired looking skin
Acne scaring
Open pores

How does it work?
Me So Glow is a treatment where skilled technicians work enriched and active ingredients, including hyloronic acid into the skin at a lower level via microneedling. You only achieve around 5% absorption of ingredients when applied topically the ‘Me So Glow’ will increase this absorption to around a massive 80%.

Me So Glow will:

• Improve and increase hydration levels.
• Create smoother makeup application.
• Brighten the skin.
• Improve pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
• Reduces scaring
• Softed fine lines

You will notice results after 1 session however we recommend a course of 6 sessions for optimen results.