Microblading regrets

Why my client regretted following the microblading craze and has Microblading regrets.

Cheryl – Doncaster, my microblading regrets

microblading gone wrong
Client testomonial and why she regrets following the microblading trend

My journey with Essjay started over 10 years ago, at the time I was going to Essjay for waxing when I picked up one of her brochures for permanent makeup. At the time I had barely any brows and was drawing them on every day. They weren’t very nice brows either! So I booked in with Essjay and never looked back! My new eyebrows totally changed my face, she tailored them so that they were perfect for me. I kept going to Essjay for my annual top ups for 8 years until I found myself pregnant and wasn’t able to have my usual top up. by the time I was able to have them done microblading was all the rage, I loved how the pictures looked like real hair strokes so I thought I’d give it a go. Essjay didn’t do microblading and could only offer me hairstrokes with a needle so I regrettably went elsewhere. It was the biggest mistake of my life!! I came away with one eyebrow half a cm higher than the other, not only that but shorter and fatter as well!! I cried when I saw the result. The first person I went to was Essjay. She didn’t judge me she just helped me. So as soon as enough time had passed for me to heal I booked in for Essjay to carry out permanent makeup removal. I only had to have two sessions and the hideous brows had faded enough for me to have my new brows done! Needless to say I booked in with Essjay as soon as I could. Once finished Essjay held the mirror up for me to see my amazing brows. And I burst into tears, I was finally able to go out without covering my uneven eyebrows. I had an amazing set of brows once again! Thanks to Essjays patience and pure talent. I would never use anyone else! She’s amazing 💕😁

Check out Cheryl’s photo journey:

Microblading regrets, microblading results before we performed permanent makeup removal
Cheryl’s Microbladed eyebrows, very uneven and inconsistent.
after two sessions of non laser permanent makeup removal
Cherly’s eyebrows after 2 sessions of non laser permanent makeup removal. more healing was needing before we could carry out a fresh set of eyebrows.

Tattooed eyebrows transformation, cheryl's new eyebrow enhancement after her removal procedures
Cheryl’s brand new set of eyebrows by Essjay, hairstrokes and shaded eyebrows, these are immediately after and will soften

Unfortunately Cheryl had to learn the hard way. If you are carrying around some microblading regrets or botched eyebrows or failed permanent makeup I can help. I offer a non laser tattoo removal follow the link to find out more. https://essjayconsultants.co.uk/clients/permanent-makeup-removal/