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Are You Constantly Being Distracted?

I want to talk to you about distractions.

I go through fits and starts with this.

I sometimes have so much motivation.

I get my phone away.

I put it on silent and I’m on it and I’m, that’s it.

I’m engaging. I am doing my work.

I am smashing out good content.

I’m in touch with clients.

Then other times I’m just constantly, head in the phone and it’s so difficult not to easily go down that path.

So a few tips to help you, avoid these distractions, basically avoid the scroll.

We all do it, and we need to avoid it because we get completely sucked into wasting so much valuable time.

So put your phone on silent.

Put it away.

And set an alarm.

What I do is I set myself an hour and a half alarm and every hour and a half, or if I’ve got clients in the morning at lunchtime, I would only check my phone at lunchtime on my social media’s.

And I do that now because if I’m trying to create good content if I’m trying to create something for my coaching programme or working on my product line, I don’t want the distraction.

I want to get involved.

I want to get doing my work and I don’t want to be distracted.

If my phone’s on silent, I’m never going to be curious about what that little ping sound was and who it was from.

I turn my phone on silent and I set an alarm and then I’ll give myself an hour and a half to two hours of pure quality work. And I found that really helps me to get good quality work out there.

So if you’re working on these bigger things, then that would be a really good tip for you to do.

What I also do find as well is. I never put the TV on in the daytime when I’m working from home.

So if you’re working on things from home yourself, I don’t even go there.

I sit with a coffee outside, sit at the dining table, some music, the moment you start putting the TV on, you can then get into flicking the channels.

And then before you know it, you are there.

Half an hour.

And now we’re into doing something that’s distracting you from the task that you want to do.

Again, you need to eliminate and avoid these distractions.

Well, the biggest one is social media.

The biggest one is the, is the scrolling. The other good way as well is only going to groups and forums that inspire you and motivate you.

Stop on the newsfeed.

You ended up watching really mindless, stupid videos, stop with that and just go into forums and platforms that you want to be known in.

And you want to be giving knowledge and value in these groups. This will obviously in turn help with your social media rankings as well.

So good luck with that guys.


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