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I Regret Waiting for All This to Blow Over

How the industry is right now, now you are back full throttle?

Now, this is a funny one because everybody’s in a little bit of a shock because they feel the industry is so different.

They feel they’re quieter, they feel that their clients are not coming as thick and fast as they expected, all these clients that were messaging throughout lockdown have fallen off the radar and everything has gone quiet and people are panicking, people in the personal care industry are panicking.

And the thing is, this was always going to happen. We have had one year of uncertainty and people within that year, your clients, your potential clients, have been doing other things, they have been finding ways to get the end result that they normally got from you, a different way.

They’ve been purchasing differently, they’ve been seeking advice online.

They’ve been hanging out in different forums and different groups to help with their problems and what they like to treat themselves to.

They’ve found different ways to spend their money. And if you have just sat and waited to get back to normal, then you will probably be suffering right now.

Because the world is not normal again, we’re in a new normal. And I know people hate that saying, but this is a new normal, we have changed, everybody’s changed their spending habits.

They also prioritise their spending, but also a lot of people are saying there’s not much money out there.

There’s probably more money out there with people that are employed than people that are self-employed because these people that are employed have almost had financial freedom throughout the last 12 months.

So when people blame it on there being no money, that’s not right. There is money, it’s just people have changed the way they want to interact, and the way they want to spend their money and their priorities in what they’re spending their money on.

So you as an entrepreneur need to change, to evolve, to be able to hit this new normal that we are in. And that’s what you need to do, you need to get creative.

If you’ve just sat on what you already know and not got creative and just expected this to come back to normal, then you will be feeling the strain right now.

So that is what you need to do, get creative and get seen.

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