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What Can You Do Now to Be Seen?

What we can do now?

Now we are post-COVID, we are back in full throttle with our clients and people are feeling that they’re not as busy as they were.

What can we do?

What can we do in this new era that we’ve almost been thrown into post-COVID?

I’ve got a few top tips that I want to share with you on what I’ve always done, but I think it’s more important right now to implement them into your business

Now our industry is such a crowded market, the beauty, hair, aesthetic industry, it’s all over. In most villages, there’s one, two or three specialists probably in your field already doing this.

What can you do to stand out from the crowd?

Now, what you have to understand is when people are buying a product or buying a service, they’re not buying the product, they’re buying the person and they’re buying the feeling of what that service will do for them.

What I want you to do is try and focus more on people seeing you as a person, they need to see the face behind the brand.

They need to see who you are, and they need to know that they can relate to you and they can build up that know, like and trust with you.

People will not just pick a treatment on an Instagram post or a Facebook post by just sharing a photo of a before and after, they want to know about you and they want to know that they can trust you to do whatever they need to have done.

The first thing is to get out there on social media on a personal level. Making sure you are going live, and I know people are so freaked out by live, but if you don’t embrace sharing some footage of you in your groups, on your Facebook page, then people are not going to build that know, like and trust with you. So that is my biggest tip.

There is no point in starting to throw out four or five lives a week. I did this in the early days, I’m like, yes, I’m going to go live every single day, I can smash this, and then, the novelty wore off, this is not sustainable, I haven’t got the time to be doing this. So make sure you’re consistent, schedule in regular lives in your private group or on your Facebook page.

And then people will start to know that you’re going to be going live and talking about a different topic, talking about a different treatment, and they will then make sure that they check in with you, tune in to watch you, and they will then start to grow to like and trust you.

So that is the biggest tip that I want to give you.

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