Why Aren’t Your Clients on Subscription?

Now, this is something that saved my business over 18 months ago when the pandemic first hit.

And I want to share with you on what you can do to set up a good subscription model for your business.

Firstly, why we need subscriptions within our beauty business is because it is a way that you know you are guaranteed a set amount of money each month.

If a client cancels or a client changes their appointment or gets distracted, whatever it may be, it could be months down the line before they reschedule. If they’re paying regularly, they won’t do that and they will make sure they come to their appointment.

I set up a subscription for skin treatments and skincare at home. So what I did and what I advise you guys to do, is look at one of your higher ticket items, if you’re in the beauty or hair business. Or iIf you’re in the aesthetic business, look at your most popular services, whether it be injectables or fillers or your microneedling, whatever it may be.

Look at a service that people would probably have on average, every six weeks or every month.

If it’s skin related, then obviously they are concerned about improving their skin, they have skin concerns that they want you to help them with.

Look at that price of the treatment and also look at the average cost of the retail that they would need to use at home to compliment that treatment that they’re wanting or needing from you.

Look at it as an average, work it out over the 12 months and then divide it by 12. You would say for instance, with a facial treatment, they’d be coming every six weeks and then they would probably need throughout thehat year , maybe 10 or 12 skincare products to use at home.

Work it all out on an average and then divide it by 12, which would give you your monthly figure. And then what I did, I reduced that rate a little bit, I give a 15% reduction on that, and this is what I then put out to my clients.

I managed, when I first launched my subscription model at the beginning of the lockdown to sign 25 people up within a week.

Now, I still have people coming and going, I’ve had more that’s been added to it, I’ve had a few that  cancelled  through one thing or another, but I have had guaranteed on the first of every month, a set amount coming to my business.

Then what happens is that client will attend that appointment. The client will get the goals and results they are wanting,. This is what we all need in our beauty business.

This is something that is going to give you a guaranteed regular income.

If your salon goes really, really quiet or you know you’re on holiday, on the first of every month you’re going to get some money coming in.

Now, the best way to set this up, the easiest way is go cardless. I always useGo-Cardless for my subscriptions, you can set up it up so easily and send a link to your client.

So I challenge you to look at one of your higher ticket items, work it out over the year, and then you deduct it by 12 and then start offering this service to your regular clients.

This way, they’re guaranteed to come into you  for their treatment and you will get the results that they’re wanting to achieve because they are staying regular and consistent.

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